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Business card

“Trust the professionals, and we will save your time and money!

Our competitive advantage is that we care for the clients’ interests within the legal framework”

Director General

State Enterprise “Chernigivstandardmetrology”


State Enterprise “CHERNIGIVSTANDARDMETROLOGY” – your guide in the world of standards

For inquiries on adherence to the Ukrainian standards system you can reach us: 38 0462 676483

If you would like to use our database on standards which includes more than 20 ths. sources – call us 38 04622 56804

If you need consultations on formation, presentation, formalization, adjustment, approval and markings of technical specifications for all kinds of food and industrial products, excluding military engineering and weapons, contact us at 38 0462 676483

Our centre provides consultations on various issues of technical specifications, including their conformity check in accordance to current legislation as well as state registration. Please, reach us at 38 0462 676483

If you are interested in the issues of authorities and evaluation within the state system of metrology in Ukraine – we are here to answer your questions. Please, call us at 38 0462 676353

If you need to develop the system of quality management and food safety (HACCP), of safety and hygiene at work (OHSAS) or ecological management system, if you want to arrange a certified test room at your premises – please, reach us at 38 04622 56804

Certification of:

- quality management systems;

- environmental management systems;

- food safety systems (HACCP);

- labour safety and hygiene systems (OH5A8)

PROMPT: meeting all tight deadlines (including deadlines of tenders, contests, exhibitions and international partners’ requests).

TRUSTWORTHY: we are on the market for more than a decade.

LEGAL: all our certificates are state registered.

GUARANTEED: all receivers of the certificates are annually tested for compliance.

ALL INCLUSIVE: we provide the whole complex of activities (inspection at the enterprise; development of all the necessary documents; personnel training; internal auditors training; introduction of a management system and getting certification-ready).

EXCLUSIVE: consultations on international certification systems, including TVU, SGS, BVQL

Call us at 38 04622 56804


Verification (calibration) of a wide range (over 270 groups) of measuring equipment:

- weight scales and balances (including certification of foreign scales)

- surveying equipment – transit and level instruments

- micrometric equipment and beam-type measuring tools

- speedometers

- measuring jars

- fuel dispensers and other equipment for gasoline stations

- balance stands (including their certification)

- graduation of oil product containers, graduation tabling.

Please, reach us at 38 0462 676353

Verification of measuring equipment of heating and radio nature:

- household and industrial electrical meters, heating, gas and water meters, current transformers and voltage transformers

- wattmeters, amperemeters, voltmeters, megohmmeters, ohmmeters

- resistance boxes, capacitance boxes, potentiometers

- manometers, humidimeters, gas analyzers, thermometers

- polarimeters, refractometers, photometers

- equipment for hourly accounting of phone calls duration, phone call raters, oscillographs, frequency meters, generators

- dosimeters, radiometers, R-meters

- other measuring equipment

Please, call us at 38 0462 727067

Certification of products and services

Authority and Administration Certificate â„– UA.PN.020, â„– UA.P.020, issued 11.08.2008

State enterprise “Chernigivstandardmetrology” is authorized for certification of a wide range of products and services comprising 29 groups of homogenous products, including food products and agricultural raw materials, household radioelectrical equipment, toys, oil products, light industry products, furniture, building materials, hotel and tourism services and more.

Certification includes the procedure of registering the product manufacturer declaration.

The certification body is permanently widening its range of authorized certification taking in consideration new market demands. Personnel of the centre comprises highly qualified specialists, the majority of which are ranked auditors.

The certification body offers its services to all volunteering organizations, enterprises and private businessmen following the standard application procedure. Please, contact us at:

38 0462 698342

38 0462 691663

38 0462 651498


Testing laboratory for food products and food raw materials

The laboratory meets all the requirements of the Ukrainian state certification system and is accredited as a competent independent test lab within the National Certification System of Ukraine having full accordance with state standard of Ukraine 3412-96.

Laboratory competences are approved by the accreditation certificate # UA 6.001.H.21.

The laboratory tests food products and food raw materials according to “List of products for mandatory certification” according to human life and health indices and determining whether a product under test contains heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides, histamines, radionuclides, and also measuring its physical, chemical and bacteriological indices.

The laboratory is constantly mastering new testing methods and participates in the joint research on wine growing together with the Institute of Grape and Wine “Magarach” (Yalta, Crimea).

You can contact laboratory at 38 0462 691663

Industrial products laboratory is certified by National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine in full accordance with the state standard of Ukraine ISO/ІЕС 17025:2006 (ISO/ІЕС 17025:2005).

Laboratory competences are approved by state certificate # 2Н254, issued by National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine.

Fields accredited:

- technological equipment for food and meat